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Blue Waters Petascale Education Program
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Deep in space, giant galaxy clusters filled with vast clouds of hot, X-ray producing gas are assembled through supersonic collisions over billions of years. Scientists visualize them using supercomputers, resulting in this image from Argonne National Lab.

The NCSA Blue Waters project, in collaboration with Shodor, the National Computational Science Institute (NCSI), and national HPC programs, has launched a coordinated effort to prepare current and future generations of students with the computational thinking skills, knowledge, and commitment to advance scientific computing through the use of high performance computing (HPC) resources and environments.

Petascale computing is more complex than previous computing paradigms. New approaches for teaching and learning are required, and we as a community can help one another to prepare the workforce with the expertise and experience needed to fully exploit this extraordinary capability.

This site provides information about the Blue Waters Parallel Computational STEM Curriculum Capstone and the efforts underway to prepare faculty and professional staff to teach applied parallel modeling and simulation. Here you can: