Parent's Q & A
What Opportunities Does Shodor Offer My Child?

Is your child a K-12 student who is interested in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics? If so, Shodor offers workshops and free online tools your child may enjoy.

  • If you live in the Triangle Area of North Carolina:
    • K-6th Grade Students — There are opportunities for young students to learn interactive computing through our Pathways to CyberInfrastructure program. Shodor adds modeling, simulation, and other science activities to camps and after-school programs run by local community organizations. You can enroll your student in one of these workshops, and they will receive instruction from Shodor employees using Shodor materials.
    • 6-12th Grade Students — Most students start their Shodor experience in a SUCCEED Workshop. These workshops get students excited about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; no prior experience with computers or science is required. Workshops are held during the summer and on weekends during the year. There are fees, but scholarships are available.
    • 9-12th Grade Students — Students who wish to continue learning at Shodor after a SUCCEED workshop may apply for a SUCCEED Apprenticeship. Students build their science and technology experience while working on real projects during this year-round program. Stipends are offered to students upon satisfactory completion of projects.
    • 10th Grade - College Students — Any student with an expertise in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics — including graduates of the Apprenticeship program — may apply for a paid, hourly internship. Interns work with Shodor staff to help build and maintain some of the best materials on the web for math and science education. These students' work is put to use by educators and learners around the world.
  • If you do not live in the Triangle Area:
    • Shodor provides some of the best math and science learning resources on the Internet. We offer activities and lessons appropriate for all students, elementary through undergraduate, and all of our content is free. Shodor's resources can be used not only in the classroom, but as a study aid, or just for exploration and experimentation. A list of our main resources is here.
How Much Do Shodor's Programs Cost?
  • SUCCEED Workshops — The tuition for workshops starts at $175. Check the cost of the current SUCCEED Workshops here. Scholarships are available.
  • SUCCEED Apprenticeships — There are no costs; the student actually receives a small stipend.
  • Internships — There are no costs; the student is paid hourly.
  • Pathways to CyberInfrastructure — Fees are determined by the community center hosting the workshop.
  • Online Materials — All Shodor's online materials are free.
What is the Time Commitment?
  • SUCCEED Workshops — Each summer workshop is Monday through Friday, either half-day or full-day. The Shodor Scholars Program runs full-day for two weeks.
  • SUCCEED Apprenticeships — Apprentices commit to spending 390 hours at Shodor during one year: 18 hours per month during the school year, and 6 full-time weeks in the summer. For more information on the time commitment for an apprenticeship, see this page.
  • Internships — The time commitment for an internship is negotiated at the time of application.
  • Pathways to CyberInfrastructure — Time commitment is determined by the community center hosting the workshop.