Mentor Center at Shodor

The Mentor Center at Shodor was established to ensure that students are prepared to enter into computationally intensive scientific research fields through appropriate mentorships by active scientists.

The Mentor Center Internship Program aims to bring the technologies, techniques, and tools of computational science and related information technology (IT) topics to local high school and college students.

The goal of Shodor is not only to teach students computing in the sciences, but also to encourage the use of appropriate and authentic tools. Therefore, students will use a variety of tools in ways that are appropriate to the task, and that are, as much as possible, the same tools that are used by computational science practitioners.

One view of the scientific world is that there are four ways of doing science: observational science, experimental science, theoretical science and computational science, also known as "modeling and simulation."

We help students understand and apply this framework, with a particular focus on viewing the world through a computational lens, or in other words, by learning through the development of computer models.