PERL Programming Language


#CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
#Roger Kessler, July 16, 1997
#using code developed by
#Bob O'Neill 5/31/96

$server_name = "";
$tmp = "/tmp";

&html_header ("CardioWeb");

#Get all variables from form input

#Variables from STELLA


#Other variables


#Run cardio perl code

open (CO, ">$tmp/co$$.dat") || die "Can't open co.dat: $!\n";
open (PA, ">$tmp/pa$$.dat") || die "Can't open pa.dat: $!\n";
open (PV, ">$tmp/pv$$.dat") || die "Can't open pv.dat: $!\n";
open (RAP, ">$tmp/rap$$.dat") || die "Can't open rap.dat: $!\n";
open (VA, ">$tmp/va$$.dat") || die "Can't open va.dat: $!\n";
open (VV, ">$tmp/vv$$.dat") || die "Can't open vv.dat: $!\n";
open (VRA, ">$tmp/vra$$.dat") || die "Can't open vra.dat: $!\n";

for($t=0;$t<=$tend;$t+=$dt) {

if ($pra>=6.) {

print CO "$t $fco\n";
print PA "$t $pa\n";
print PV "$t $pv\n";
print RAP "$t $rap\n";
print VA "$t $va\n";
print VV "$t $vv\n";
print VRA "$t $vra\n";
close (CO);
close (PA);
close (PV);
close (RAP);
close (VA);
close (VV);
close (VRA);

#End of model code

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