About the Author


ROGER KESSLER is a Computational Science intern at Duke University affiliated with the Shodor Education Foundation, Inc. For the summer, he is working on several Computational Science projects to publish a series of Web-based interactive simulations of circulatory function.

Roger lives in New York City and attends Gallaudet University beginning in fall 1997 in Washington, D.C. as an undergraduate student. He has a deaf family with deaf parents, one deaf sister and one hearing brother. Last but not least, he also has a friendly Labrador Retriever with unique green eyes named Bo and a sweet parrot named Babe. He is also very ambitious in learning different computer languages and the challenging cardiovascular modeling project, too.

Roger enjoys traveling very much and he travels all over the nation. Yet, he dreams of going to Europe someday to learn various cultural backgrounds from different countries. He is striving to complete his undergraduate studies in Computer Science, Medicine, Business Administration, and English. Roger is still uncertain of his future, but he is determined to succeed.

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