Welcome to Lucia's Portfolio Website

About Me

Hello! My name is Lucia Wang. I am 16 years old and will be a junior at NCSSM next year. I have many STEM related interests, particularly in math and science. I have competed in many math competitions, including Mathcounts, the AMC (American Mathematics Contest), the AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Exam), Math Prize for Girls, ARML (American Regions Mathematics League), and the USAJMO(USA Junior Mathematical Olympiad). I've also participated in Science Olympiad and have coached middle schoolers for two years.

Some of my hobbies include art, dance, and singing. I've done ballet for more than 10 years and I have also been part of a Chinese dance group for 7 years. I started taking singing lessons two years ago, and have performed in many concerts and recitals. I also love to draw in my free time. Over the years, I’ve tried many different visual art forms, including sketching, painting, pottery, watercolor, and digital art. I find that my artistic hobbies help me to keep in touch with my creative side, and bring a nice balance to my more STEM related interests.

I wanted to become a Shodor apprentice because I had participated in the Shodor Scholars Program over the summer, and I found the concepts that we covered very interesting, so I wanted to learn more about those topics and skills by becoming an apprentice. Shodor also seemed like a great opportunity to learn about computational science and explore the concepts and thought process of modeling and its applications in researching real-world situations.

About This Website

This website contains a portfolio of the work I've completed during my time at the Shodor apprenticeship. This includes all of the projects we've worked on during our sessions as well as my blogs highlighting my experiences during each apprenticeship session. The portfolio page contains links that lead to three different subpages for our fall, spring, and summer modules. These subpages contain all my projects and files from the respective modules. For our fall module, we mainly focused on the basics of modeling with Excel, Vensim, and AgentCubes. During the spring module, we learned to program more models using Javascript and also learned about parallel computing. During the three summer blocks, we learned a variety of different topics, including graphic design, PHP and MySQL, and programming libraries, and did many projects and demos on them.