Welcome to this website created by Hamza Shaikh, Apprentice at Shodor. Now that you are here I guess it would be nice to get to know me a little bit. I'm a Freshman at Athens Drive, which really is nice due to all the friends I have and how often class gets interupted. In my free time I play around with html and css so I can imply them in a website. I also specialize in 3d graphics and movie-making skills, such as video editing and compiling. Read further to leart more about this website.

This website was basically brought to life by shodor, I only taught it what to say (Shoutout to Shodor). At shodor we use many different codes to bring websites to existance. As well as this at Shodor we learn modelling, ethics, and many more skills needed for a job for the future. On this website you will find 3 shorcuts under "Navigation" : Home, Blog, and Portfolio. Click on those pages to learn more.