Welcome to this website created by Hamza Shaikh, Apprentice at Shodor. Now that you are here I guess it would be nice to get to know me a little bit. I'm a Junior at Athens Drive, which really is nice due to all the friends I have and how often class gets interupted. In my free time I play around with html and css so I can imply them in a website. I also specialize in 3d graphics and movie-making skills, such as video editing and compiling. Read further to leart more about this website. This website was basically brought to life by shodor, I only taught it what to say (Shoutout to Shodor). At shodor we use many different codes to bring websites to existance. As well as this at Shodor we learn modelling, ethics, and many more skills needed for a job for the future. On this website you will find 3 shorcuts under "Navigation" : Home, Blog, and Portfolio. Click on those pages to learn more.


    October 10th 2015

  • Today I learned the basics of making a website using the shodor server. I also learned how to change my password in login credentials. I used a mac based software to create a basic structured website. I never new I would learn using a macintosh (I'm a windows fan). I hoping to learn more about html and css. I want to learn how to implement them into a complex web design. Ernie helped us the most because he was mainly the only person who taught us today. He taught us how to set up basic Shodor information and credentials. I helped Armaan Syed by helping him analyze problems within accessing his website.

  • October 17th 2015

  • The thing that i learned that i was most excited about was adding html content to my website. I was most proud of learning CSS styling. I am curious to learn more about applying css more in my website. Nick helped me the most because he helped me find errors I made in my html. I helped Armaan when he tried creating a directory in directory on his site.

  • October 24th 2015

  • I'm excited from learning sftp clienting the shodor server. Remade my website to get approved so I can re-upload my stylized version. I am hoping to learn more about vim in putty. Ernie helped me the most by helping me setup notepad++ in WinScp. I helped Shawn to fix his css file so he could refer to it in html.

  • November 7th 2015

  • I am most excited about the use of excel spreadsheets to make models. The things that you can do in excel fascinate me. What I did that I'm most proud of was learning Excel equations and how to make models through the spreadsheet. I am hoping to learn more about Excel equations so I can make more models that are relevant to real life problems in today's world. Dr.Panoff helped me the most today for when I had problems, he helped me troubleshoot them and explained to me how to fix problems when I can't pinpoint the source of the trouble maker. I helped Nick catch up when he missed some excel equation modeling work.

  • November 14th 2015

  • I am most excited about learning modeling on VenSim. This week I am most proud of learning how to model Variables and show graphs on VenSim. I am hoping to learn more about Ven Sim programs and to fix my model. Dr.Panoff helped me the most by teaching me VenSim and helping me with errors. I helped Nick by un-confusing him through VenSim.

  • November 21st 2015

  • I missed this week because of my trip to Pakistan. I have to make up what I missed with Dr. Panoff.

  • December 5th 2015

  • This week I spitballed ideas for Vensim, Excel, and Agentcubes for our project. I made a Vensim Diagram for our Project so we could model Artificial Intelligence. Last week I missed Shodor, so I have to make up the Agent Cubes lesson. I had help from Dr. Panoff to create a Vensim Model. I worked with Armaan to start our project for Artificial Intelligence.

  • December 12th 2015

  • This week we (Armaan and I) worked on our Shodor Artificial Intelligence Project. We created our Excel Model and Vensim Model, and brainstormed for our Agent Cubes model. We worked really fast because this is due next week. Dr. Panoff helped us simplify our Vensim model to make it actually seem understandable.

  • December 19th 2015

  • Today Armaan and I finished our Artificial Intelligence Project. We worked diligently to fix errors in our website (although it still had a few). We presented our Projects after lunch. Most of them were really appealing. Everyone was dressed in business casual, we all looked like we worked at Shodor.

  • February 6th 2016

  • Well its a new year and I haven't got much to say about that. We started our introduction to programming with Javascript and have made simple programs with it and html. Javascript seems pretty cool with it being used widely, but it seems tough sometimes to remember the syntax for it. I have become okay with Javascript.

  • February 13th 2016

  • We have expanded our knowledge of javascript and learned more about functions and models. We used that knowledge to make javascript programs that made random particles that bounced off each other and the sides. We also used the javascript to change patterned models to make them different colors, shapes, and change their speed.

  • February 20th 2016

  • Today, we worked on some more JavaScript. We learned the many different data types such as numbers, strings, functions, undefined, and objects. As well as that we learned that just because a variable is undefined doesn't mean it's non-essential to the program. Also we found out that an array is an object. I created several functions today. First, I created one that could add numbers, and then I later created ones that could multiply, divide, and subtract. We practiced arrays by making a "person" and a "fruit basket". Aaron's bouncing particle model helped us to create new objects, loops, and learn more about variables.

  • March 5th 2016

  • Today we began working on our second group project. We each were assigned partners to work with. I was partnered with Nick, and we spent the day working on our High Level Design (HLD) document. Ernie stressed to us about following instructions, and explained to us the importance of planning through our HLD Docment. Our Project is about a Forest Fire Model, in which we have to plan and design a model of forest fires using javascript.

  • March 12th 2016

  • Today I wasn't at Shodor due to another event I had to attend, but during this period we continued working through our HLD document.

  • March 19th 2016

  • Today was another continuation throughout our quest to create a javascript forest fire model. Nick and I finished up our initial HLD and got advice from Aaron to proofread it. After applying Aaron's recommendations, we started our javascript code, and got pretty far. Nick and I worked a while on our javascript and the saying is true "Days of debugging saves hours of design and planning" - Charlie Peck.

  • April 2nd 2016

  • Today we finished up our Javascript Project and presented our projects. We listened to other people's projects as well and gained feedback from our audience. We plan to take this feedback and implement it into our project to make it better than it is. Personally I think our projects were great and so were the others. It was interesting hearing other approaches to the Forrest Fire Project.

  • April 9th 2016

  • Today I was absent because I had to be elsewhere for another activity I am doing, but I heard that people made a parallel computing notebook and completed assignments in it. The idea is to create a notebook in which one must input data of what they learned throughout an activity and answer questions regarding the specific activity.

  • April 16th 2016

  • *FINAL DAY OF SPRING SHODOR* Today I was filled in on my parallel notebook and created a notebook in which I answered assignments in. We learned about Blue Waters supercomputer, Shodor's supercomputer Little Fe, and we hooked up all our computers to create a supercomuter. This was really interesting as an experience of turning a computer into a supercomputer in which we could control programs and run simulations.

  • June 20th, 2016

  • Missed Shodor due to sickness.

  • June 21st, 2016

  • Today I caught up on Shodor work by making the HLD document and getting feedback on it. I have caught up with summer duties, and now learned about the O.D.A.A. in which summer duties are applied.

  • June 22nd, 2016

  • Today I finished my first draft for my HLD and had many people revise it. I also had Armaan help me with parts of my websites that I had to go over. Ernie went over my HLD and gave me some great feedback on it. I learned more about the ODAA duties that we need to do when assigned. I wasn't assigned one this week because I wasn't here on Monday due to sickness. I learned more about other projects that we are supposed to do such as a responsive website project, and an HLD for redesigning my website.

  • June 23rd, 2016

  • Today I made edits that Ernie asked me to do for my HLD and I was assigned a HLD from Darius. I helped Shawn on Agent Cubes and Caroline on javascript. I started my projet with an HLD model from Darius on Agent Cubes to get as far as I could. I created the world and made the characters and reviewed my knowledge on it.

  • June 27th, 2016

  • Today I returned to Shodor from a weekend of vacation, which results in me being tired. Anyhow, I was still able to get a lot of needed work done. I worked on my Agent Cubes model, and helped Akash fix an error in his html. In my Agent Cubes model, I worked on adding a time aspect to help my agents have an "energy" and "age" attribute. I also added more to my agent rules so it would fit the HLD from Darius. Overall Today was productive and I hope to have the same success tomorrow.

  • June 28th, 2016

  • Today we worked more on our block one projects. I worked on my inkscape and gimp projects and finished my Agent Cubes Model. I also worked on photoshopping Ernie as that was a project we were recently just assigned. This project was pretty cool since Photoshopping + Ernie = Crazyness.

  • June 29th, 2016

  • Today I worked more on my Inkscape and Gimp. I finished all the tutorials for it and started photoshopping Ernie. I worked on my Website HLD as I needed to do that. I helped Caroline with her javascript agent model and started my vensim.

  • June 30th, 2016

  • I started out today with documentation from ODAA. All I can say is that it was very boring. Taking notes was very easy and so was writing the reports. I took photos and a camera died on me. I had to learn lots of stuff as well because I didnt't know Objective-C. The rest of the day I worked on work I needed to work on for my work as it was work that needed to be worked on.

  • July 1st, 2016

  • Last day of block 1. I've been finishing up my inkscape and gimp files by uploading them, and made changes to my agent cubes. I've finished up on my projects and now I'm getting ready to go to California for a vacation.

  • August 1st, 2016

  • Started my block 3 late, and got introduced by the interns to php. Php seems just like javascript inside html but the other way around. I still like javascript better, but apparently php is more secure by functioning serverside.

  • August 2nd, 2016

  • Today I worked on PHP projects for block 3. I made a website that creates a random hex-code for a background color. I started out by working on the random character generator by making an array of characters, then used those to make a hex-code and make a background color.

  • August 3rd, 2016

  • I'm working more on my PHP projects. I have completed the Calendar project and the dice rolling project. Both were really complicated as I hadn't worked in javascript in a long time. I will have a lot of catching up to do because I will be missing the next two days.

  • August 4th, 2016

  • absent

  • August 5th, 2016

  • absent

  • August 8th, 2016

  • I managed to finish all my other PHP projects, they took time because of the days I missed. I am now fully complete of the work I had to do in block 3, and now will learn MySQL tomorrow.

  • August 9th, 2016

  • I started out the day with a crash course of mysql from Keith, and learned the way of making databases using terminal. After playing around with it, Ernie gave me a course of mysql on how to use it and how it worked. With him I created a database of people to test.

  • August 10th, 2016

  • I started my database of a shopping list and learned how to implement sql code in php. I also learned how to double reference an entry from html to php to mysql. I will continue to work on my database to finish what I started today. Aaron helped by helping me debug the code.

  • August 11th, 2016

  • I finished making my shopping list database and worked ore on my php section to create an interface for it. I added an input box and ordered my php to display entries into a visual table.

  • August 12th, 2016

  • I added more input boxes into the form so I could easily add data. I had to drop my table a couple of times to reset the auto id. The biggest challenge I faced was finiding what caused the error, which was deleting entries.

  • August 15th, 2016

  • Today I added more input boxes and check boxes for my database php. This was challenging because I had to make an abundance of if-statements to make sure that the input variables would run correctly with the sql statement.

  • August 16th, 2016

  • Today I finished adding the code for debugging the input boxes and made changes to my website to upload projects all over the summer. During the second half I had reception in which I continued that. In all I finished my work for the day.

  • August 17th, 2016

  • Today I fixed my calendar for lots of bugs I had. I had to add more to the tables and remake my date counter which Shawn and Jim helped me do. I secured my php by adding form validation to my database, my background selector php, and my calendar (which was easier than I thought).


Artificial Intelligence Project

Forrest Fire Model

Parallel Computing Notebook

- We created a notebook via google drive that has assignments of many different learning tasks. We recorded notes and answered questions about activities here.

System Dynamics

- In this Shodor project we were introduced to the main uses of Microsoft Excel, and opening doors to new capabilities that us students hadn't known before. This was done in class and you can download the file to explore the uses of the functions and graphs in Excel.

Agent Cubes

- This simple SIR model was created to explore throughout the capabilities of Agent Cubes Online and to practice simple modelling in the software.

Shodor Ethics Essay

- In this Shodor Essay we examined a situation that could pertain to real life easily, and it was left to us to solve the problem. Using the skills and ethics we learned from Shodor we analyzed the situtaion wrote an essay on the solution.

Javascript Commenting Code.

- In this Shodor assignment we tested our knowledge of Javascript by Commenting out code written by Aaron. We backtracked his code and made instructions to create the written code. Open the link to the code and open the js file for viewing to see what our work was.

Other Projects

Vensim Sick Model

Rabbits Model

Summer Projects 2016

Art Projects Site

Fish Model

Responsive Web Design

Database Project MySql


Website HLD


Calender Php

Background Selector

Random Background

Dynamic Webpage

XML Blog

Dane Joe Project

Dice Roll