Fish Model Projects

During Block one in Shodor we created projects ourselves and made other people do it. I made a fashion model for someone else to do. I recieved a model about making a visual to model a fish population. Through the prompts of my HLD I created models using AgentCubes and Vensim.

My prompt was: A recent discovery shows that scientist have found a new aggressive type of fish. These fish move randomly and populate quickly, but only with similar fish. They eat Paracanthurus hepatus but are commonly cannibalistic. The adult cannibal fish tend to eat the baby fish that don't have the x gene. Not only do they eat baby fish they also eat adult fish without the x gene, although it is not a sure win for the cannibal because they may lose in the attack. Cannibals are known to even attack other cannibals without the x gene. Scientist expect for the fish with the x gene to thrive and fish without it will soon become extinct . Create a model to show the growth(decrease or increase) of fish without the x gene, cannibals, and fish with the x gene.