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The Artificial Intelligence Project

For our project, we plan on modeling the growth of Artificial Intelligence in period over the next ten years in three specific ways. Our plan to model this data will be through the use of: Agentcubes Online, Vensim, and Excel. The data will be conveyed, however, will be conveyed rather differently in the Agentcubes Model showing the change people’s opinions on AI. However, the Excel will show both the growth and decay of Artificial Intelligence usage over the next 10 years by ways of a spreadsheet. The Vensim will show this data mostly simply by showing what factors and how much those factors contribute in making people use AI more and less. In order to show completion of this work we will also make a website these things and the specifics for each model.


This Excel Model displays the amount of people that use artificial intelligence. The picture on the right displays the graph of the percentage of people that will and won't use Artificial Intelligence over the next 25 years. The table on the right holds the exact values for the graph. When you download and open this model, you can see how so many variables can be changed to create a model that predicts AI's use in the future. Download the model and experiment with the variable to see how the prediction of Artificial Intelligence use will be over the next 25 years. In addition to that, the Excel model also has interchangeable variables that will affect the usage of AI.


The Vensim Model shows the growth and usage of AI over 25 years. It specifically shows what factors come into play to limiting AI usage. As the model indicates, AI usage is usage is indicated to grow. There are many different variables that will affect the future use of Artificial Intelligence. Download the model below, and change all the variables to predict the future outcome of Artificial Intelligence. Beware, complicated model ahead. The Vensim model also allows for the model to change the growth by having the ability of changing the variables.

Agent Cubes

The Agent cubes model conveys the change of opinions on AI based technology. It models three different opinion: positive, negative, and neutral which are each three different colors. Change in a opinion will be shown when a cube will change it's color. Through the many different factors of future usage of Artificial Intelligence, different chances of convincing people will affect the future usage of AI. The Agent Cubes model also conveys a graph of change in people's opinons of AI.