Summer Block 3

MySQL Syntax Guide - Similar to the syntax guide, this chart contains the proper syntax to query the People table using Sequel Pro.

Dice Roller Database - This program collects user input, displays it, and stores the information in a database.

Website Quality Assurance Documentation - Documented issues within my website and how I fixed them.

Bootstrap Website - Researched boostrap libraries and created a website with bootstrap.

Summer Block 2

Programming Concepts Syntax Guide - This chart contains the syntax for various programming concepts in JavaScript, PHP and Java.

Random Hex Code Generator - This PHP program generates a new color every time you refresh the page. It also displays the hex code of the color.

Dane Joe - When you enter in a first name and a last name, the program will switch the first letters and the last letters of the two words and outputs the result.

Dice Statistics - This PHP project asks the user to input a roll count. Then, when submitted, the program will output a table containing data about the rolls.

Calendar - The program lets the user select a month and a starting day. The program then displays a calendar according to the submitted information.

XML Blog - For this project, we learned XML and how to use it with PHP. This simple program displays 3 blog posts outputted through a for loop.

Coin Flip (Embedded PHP) - We embedded PHP in a coin flip program.

Coin Flip (Rendered HTML) - This is another coin flip program that has rendered HTML using heredocs.

Dynamic Pages - Miguel showed us how to add in our own content into code that was already there.

Forms - In this tutorial led by Ernie, we learned about forms and how to validate them.

Background Selector - This PHP program asks the user to input a color for the background. It then displays that color as the background color. It also stores the info with cookies.

Summer Block 1

Beef Cattle Project Website - This page contains information on my beef cattle modelling projects.

Graphics - This page contains all of the graphics assignments I completed.

Responsive Website - This is a website made by following a tutorial on Youtube. When you minimize the width of the browser page while on the site, it will change the layout. It's RESPONSIVE!

Final Website HLD - A high level design document of what I want my final portfolio website to be like.


JavaScript Group Project - In this group project, I worked with Caroline Cunningham. We started with provided code for a disease model and turned it into an interactive forest fire model. The user can change various parameters of the model.

Parallel Computing Notebook - This document regards parallel computing. We focused on this topic this month and we were taught it mainly through this notebook.


My Portfolio Website - This is the website you are on right now. It contains information about myself, daily blogs, and the work I did as an apprentice at Shodor.

Ethics Homework - For this assignment, we were given a scenario in the workplace. There were several problems at hand and we were instructed to write a response in which we would give our solution to the scenario.

Programming Concepts Spreadsheet - This is a spreadsheet in which we utilized Excel to demonstrate various basic programming concepts.

Simple Population Spreadsheet - This is a spreadsheet that modeled a population of rabbits. We learned about change vs. behavior and what the different variables meant.

Iteration Examples Spreadsheet - In this spreadsheet, we learned about circle loops and iterations. We repeated an action multiple times and displayed data.

Vensim Rabbit Model - This was my first introduction to Vensim. In this model, the user can change the parameters and a graph outputs the population data.

Vensim Disease Model - This models healthy people getting sick.

Vensim Change VS Behavior Model - This model examines how change affects behavior.

AgentCubes Thing 1 - This was my first time working with AgentCubes. In this model, a thing moves around the world randomly. If the thing ends up next to the window, it will erase itself.

AgentCubes Disease - This model shows the spread of disease among a population of people moving around in a world.

Modeling Group Project - In this group project, I worked with Michael Dacanay. The project includes an AgentCubes model as well as a Vensim model. The models model the population of a mall.