Dynamic Website with PHP Embedding HTML

This website was created with a demo. I learned how to create a website with PHP embedded HTML

Coin Flip Model

An imaginary coin is flipped twenty times with a visual.

Coin Flip With Form

Creating this project contained loops and a GET form to flip an imaginary coin.

Random Hex Code Generator

A PHP project on creating a random hex code.

Dane Joe

I enjoyed creating the code for this project, which is another PHP project on switching the first letter of the first and last name.

Coinflip Database Demo

This was a demo about connecting the database to the information given.

Responsive Web Design

This project was done by a youtube video. It taught me how to create a mobile version of the website and how to put logos on the webpage.

Youtube Tutorial
Graphic Projects

This project shows all of my projects created with Inkscape and GIMP. I had a lot of fun with this as I was able to create funny but artistic (sort of) pieces.

Modeling Project

This project was hard! I spent a lot of time with this one project. It was quite hard to research this topic, as it is in the same topic as the COVID-19 regarding airborne diseases.

Programming Concepts

This was led and taught by Aaron. This allowed me to learn about the rules, organization tips for coding, and version planning. Not only did it layer on my knowledge on HTML and CSS but also javascript, a new program. The final version is bouncing-particles-trunk.

Group Project #2

I was able to do this project with Isha. We both decided to make our project on binary fission, a cellular process. We used HTML, css, and javascript to create our programs. This is a more complex project that came from the programming concepts.


This project is the one you're on right now! It was branched out from the HTML tutorial created by Ernie. This was a huge project that introduced us as a person and our work as an apprentice.

Parallel Computing

This project is a google doc that allows us to learn about parallel computing. Since none of the computers are as fast as super computers, I was able to learn and see what super computers were able to do through these tiny activities, videos, and Little Fe.

Office Ethics Project

This was the first project or assignment as a Shodor apprentice assigned by Ron. The ethics project allowed to learn and respect the ethics in an office environment.

HTML Research Guide

The HTML Research Guide was created by Ernie. This project gave me a taste and a jumpstart to web design, html, and css. I sometimes use this guide as a template for my other projects.

Excel file: Cats and Dogs & Dominant/Recessive

This mini project allowed me to learn how to model on a computer with Microsoft Excel. It's basically numbers that are resulted from a function set in the program.

Excel file: Square Root of x + 7.316

This file was also created through Microsoft Excel. With endless (maybe;) numbers, this project showed another great example of modelling and putting functions into the program.

Excel file: Diffusion

Do not worry, this is another Microsoft Excel file! Just like the next and past ones, it gave me another side of modeling, functions, and thinking in a computer.

Excel file: Simple Population with Birth Rate Slider

Using the birth rate slide, the populations or numbers will start to vary.

Vensim File: Rabbits with Competition

Vensim was very new to me. It is quite complex, but it is easy to understand once you get the hang of it. This showed me another side of modeling, which is including outside factors.

Vensim File: Durham Population

This model was heavy on functions and modeling. Using the sliders, the data will start to vary along with the graph.

Vensim File: Temperature

This vensim model showed me, once again, how outside factors could be included in computer modeling.

Vensim File: Rabbits Capacity

This vensim model showed me the results of outside factors to a function the most. It is an upgraded version of rabbits with competition.

Agent Cubes Disease Example

Aside from vensim, the apprentices and I used another program called Agent Cubes. This program was more of a simulation but still a model. It could also show a graph. This agent cubes model was created to be a simulation of sick cubes in a limited world with healthy cubes.

Group Project #1

This group project was done with Arshi. We both created a vensim model, agent cubes model, and a website. This group project used all of the things that the apprentices learned from before in the program.