welcome to my portfolio

This website is Elizabeth's portfolio. This portfolio will introduce Elizabeth, her projects/ works, and her time in the Shodor apprenticeship program.

I am Elizabeth Nam. I am a sophomore in high school. Some of my favorite hobbies are baking (I am quite bad at it) and volunteering. One of my favorite events that I enjoy volunteering is a kid camp. Every summer, I volunteer at a kid camp. I find myself happy when I am near kids or toddlers. Baking is another story. Somehow, even though I fail a lot, I always bake. I cannot bake for my life, but once in a lifetime, I am able to bake something edible. Though it can be tiring, it is something that I look forward to. My biggest interest is the cello. I started at a young age and found myself lost, but I then got up on my own feet and went on. I play for two music organizations. One for orchestra and the other for chamber music. It is very challenging and fun for me. I try to improve everyday so that I can get good results. I enjoy being with my friends. They keep me company and create a lot of fresh memories. The strangest things about are that I don’t have a favorite number and I am able to buckle my fingers to the point where if you stick a penny in between the buckling part of my middle finger, the coin fits. The reason why I don’t have a favorite number is because I am indecisive. Being the indecisive person I am, I have trouble finding my favorites. I hope I am not the only one. I am not a morning person and more of a night owl. My favorite food is a taco. I enjoy both hard-shelled and soft tacos. I find pico de gallo extremely delicious. On my way to rehearsal, I always see this taco food truck that sells appetizing tacos. I love both authentic and non-authentic tacos. I hope I can get some soon! One fun fact about me is that I cannot wear necklaces. I always break them somehow. It has been one emotional journey between me and necklaces. Anyways, I am in Shodor’s '19-'20 apprenticeship program. Welcome to my portfolio!

For two summers, I went to Shodor's workshops. Some interns and apprentices encouraged the apprenticeship program once I was old enough. I enjoy learning new things and being challenged to a point. Computing, analytic thinking, and modeling were things that were new to me. I figured at that point that I would try for a spot in the program. Fortunately, I got in!