Predator Prey Model

Welcome to the website of Zachary Garcia-Webb and Benjamin Li. This website displays models that we have created, both a system model and agent model, of a subject of our choice. Our models show a predator-prey relationship in an ecosystem with 3 organisms that interact with each other: flowers, bugs, and birds. Using Agent Cubes, we created an agent model that depicts the interactions between the 3 populations, as well as the population of each organism over time. Using VenSim, we created a system model that depicts the number of each organism in the ecosystem over time.

Agent Model

This model shows birds preying on bugs, and bugs preying on flowers. The bugs and birds both randomly move around the 25 by 25 grid. When a bug is next to a flower, the bug gets + 4 "eat points". When a bird is nex to a bug, it has a 50% chance to eat the bug and it also get +4 "eat points". Eat points are what I use to determine whether a creature dies or reproduces. When a bug goes one step without eating its loses a eat point. The same happens with a bird. If a bug reaches -5 eat points, it dies, and if it reaches 2 eat points, it creates a new bug. If a bird gets -15 eat points it dies, and if it reaches 8 eat points it creates a new bird.

System Model in Vensim

Vensim Model

This VenSim model shows the number of flowers, bugs, and birds over time. The relationships between the flower, bug, and bird populations can be seen on the graph as the 3 populations fluctuate over time.

Agent Model in AgentCubes