• Welcome!

    Welcome to my website, which I created while I was part of the Apprenticeship
    program here at Shodor.

  • About Me

    An interest in computational science and a desire to be more involved in the STEM world drove me to join the Shodor Apprenticeship Program. After attending several workshops and hearing about the Apprentice Program, I was excited to join in order to learn about more opportunities and further understand how one can use a programming language to model and create something that they are passionate about. This website contains the projects that I have worked on throughout my time as an Apprentice and that have helped to develop my skills in modeling and programming. These projects have allowed me to learn about various modeling programs (like Excel, Agent Cubes, and VensimPLE) and learn about how to use programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL and JavaScript. I have created models for temperature, to show the spread of disease, to model the amount of money in circulation, and show how bees pollinate flowers with the use of color indicators.

    I am currently a freshman at Raleigh Charter High School and love my classes there, especially World History and Chemistry. One of my favorite things to learn about in school are ancient civilizations and the various ways that people all over the world developed. I love to dance, read books, and learn new things about the world around me. I dance competitively and my team and I recently attended a collegiate competition in which we won third place, beating ten college teams in the process. I am also a part of my school’s Ocean Bowl team which won first place at the state competition and recently won tenth place at nationals. Along with a passion for reading comes my interest in writing. When I am not reading John Grisham books, I am often found writing creatively or analyzing books that I have read. In addition, I have a penchant for engaging in discussions involving societal norms as well as the misrepresentation of different cultures and countries in mass media. I also love to hike, run, play badminton, and try to bake and cook new foods from various cuisines.