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  • Last Day of Block 3!


    Today, I worked on finishing up some projects. Specifically, I worked on adding css to Krista's Projects and various projects that were previously in my newdev folder. I then watched some presentations (which were all really well done) and it was really interesting to see what everyone else had been working on.



    Today, I worked on finishing up the Dynamic Webpages Rendered by PHP. With Ernie and Joel's help, I was able to (eventually) get it working! Though it took a lot of time and revisions, I was able to make it work.



    Today, I finished up my website! Specifically, I worked on adding all of the projects to the gimp and inkscape websites and made sure that all of them downloaded properly. I also worked on the Dice Stats Database and adding the user inputs to the tables in MySQL.

    My Final Portfolio Project!


    Today, I continued working on my website and stylizing it. I added a scroll bar in my blog to make it more user-friendly. I also worked on adding all of my projects in their respective webpages (fall, summer, and spring). I had fun playing with the colors and layout of each website.



    Today, I worked on my Research Library Project. After learning about different libraries, I decided to use Bootstrap as my library. I chose to use Jumbotron as my template and I started personalizing it to fit my website. I created a collage of my favorite projects and used it as my background in the jumbotron. I spent the rest of the day working on familiarizing myself with the different capabilities of bootstrap.

    Form and Database


    Today, I started working on the dice roller database. I modified the demo that we created to create another form.

    HTML Forms and Databases


    Today, I connected what I learned about databases with what I already knew about HTML Forms. We did a demo in which we were able to take what the user had input and added it to the database.

    MySQL Syntax Guide Day 2


    Today, I finished up the Syntax Guide and was able to finish Day 2 of the Syntax Guide.

    MySQL Syntax Guide


    Today, I finished up day 1 of the Syntax Guide and started working on Day 2 after learning about relational databases. I was introduced to the concept of foreign keys and learned about some real-world applications of databases.



    Today, I learned about the different types of databases that Shodor uses. I was introduced to MySQL and SQL.

    Finished Krista's Projects


    Today, I worked on the background selector and finally got it working! I also finished Krista's Projects!

    Krista's Projects Workday


    Today, I worked on some more of Krista's Projects and made some changes to the previous projects that I was working on.

    Dane Joe Project


    Today, I worked on the Dane Joe Project, which was really fun. I got to learn about cookies and how to use them in code.

    Krista's Projects


    Today, I worked on Krista's Projects and finished the random hex code generator and dice statistics.

    Dynamic Website PHP Rendering Demos


    Today, I did a demo in which I created a Dynamic Website with HTML rendered by PHP. It took me a while, but I finally finished it.

    Dynamic Webpage


    Today, I successfully created the Mad Page Flipper and learned about how to make a webpage with PHP embedding HTML.

    HTML Forms


    Today, I learned how to make HTML forms and I learned about different global variables. In addition, I successfully made HTML forms using $_GET and $_POST.

    Programming Concepts Syntax Guide Part 2!


    Today, I continued working on the Syntax Guide and I finished the PHP part of the Syntax Guide.

    Programming Concepts Syntax Guide


    Today, I learned about assignment and math operators in PHP and JavaScript. I finished the Javascript part of the Syntax Guide.

    First Day of Block 2!


    Today, we learned about PHP and I worked on the php and javascript parts of the Syntax Guide. Specifically, I worked on how to comment, concatenate, and how to use different escape characters.

    Last Day of Block 1!


    Today, I worked on putting some finishing touches on my projects, as well as uploading them to my website. I also worked on my plan for my website and completed the tutorial in which I created a website using html and css along with various images and logos.

    Agent Model


    Today, I worked on finishing my agent model in JavaScript. I worked on writing code that would allow the canvas to change colors to correspond with the Air Quality Index that is commonly used to gauge air quality. I created three buttons that allows the user to see the projected path of the air quality in Los Angeles for when it reopens, if it stays in lockdown, and a button that allows the user to see the air quality of the year 2017.

    System Model


    Today, I focused on finishing up my system model in VensimPLE for the Summer Modeling Project. I formulated and input the equations as well as created a graph to show the projected path for air quality. I also started working on the agent model in JavaScript, and added cars and planes moving around the world.

    Gimp and Inkscape


    Today, I focused on finishing up my Gimp and Inkscape projects. In Inkscape, I worked on making the name logos as well as putting some finishing touches on the rest of my projects in Inkscape. I also worked in Gimp to finish the collage, and I worked on the banners.

    All About Gimp


    Today, I learned more about how to use Gimp including the use of basic tools, layers, filters, and how to effectively combine different images. In our Gimp demo, we combined two images to create Cosmic Turtles. After the demo, I started working on the new Gimp projects, which involves combining multiple source images to create one new one (an image collage), and make the logos we created into a web banner. For the image collage, I combined an image of an eye and created a reflection of some communication towers within it.

    System Model


    Today, I started working on my system model for the Summer Modeling Project. In my plan, I chose to make a model in vensimPLE to show the air quality throughout the year 2020 using different variable blocks that show the effect of vehicles and planes on air quality. The model also shows the air quality throughout the year 2017 and compares the air quality of the years 2017 and 2020 using a graph.

    1st Workday!


    Today, I worked on finishing up my projects in Gimp and created a webpage to display all of the images. I also continued working on the projects in Inkscape, including the initials logos and the favicon. For the favicon, I created a geometric design by using different shapes at varying angles. I also finished the last initials logo.

    Intro to Inkscape and Modeling Project Day 3


    Today, we were introduced to Inkscape and learned about some basic skills such as drawing different shapes, layers, adding text, etc. I then continued working on my project plan and made some revisions to finalize it. After that, I started working on the Inkscape projects that we had, including the 7 object collage (which I made into an ice cream cone) and the initial logos. I was able to finish the 7 object collage as well as one of the initial logos. For the initial logo, I made an alarm clock and sun to correspond with my initials (AM).

    Intro to Graphics and Modeling Project Day 2


    Today, we learned about the two different types of graphics (vectors and rasters) along with the applications, benefits, and downsides of each. After that, I continued working on the modeling project and analyzing data that I gathered from the EPA. I started off by using Excel to determine the trends that were occurring with the data in the years 2017 and 2020, and then I used that information to come up with a plan for my Vensim and JavaScript models. I decided that my JavaScript model would give the user the option to view the projected air quality of 2020 if Los Angeles County were to continue to be in lockdown, to reopen, and also to view the air quality throughout a "normal" year (which in this model would be 2017). After finishing planning my models, I started working on the project that we had in Gimp.

    New Modeling Project!


    Today, we discussed the summer program and were introduced to the modeling project. After brainstorming ideas, I decided to focus on the improved air quality in Los Angeles County since the lockdown due to COVID-19. I worked on compiling data from the EPA on AQI values specific to Los Angeles County. I also started planning the models in Vensim and JavaScript in my notebook by writing the models' stories along with my hypotheses and questions it will answer.

    Parallel Computing Day 2


    Today, we used a command line interface to communicate with a LittleFe cluster. We ran a program known as GalaxSee and changed different variables such as the number of stars, different masses, and the time steps. We also made various executables and made a scheduler.

    Parallel Computing


    Today, we were introduced to supercomputers and some of their real- world applications. We worked with various models to understand the difference between serial and parallel was and the benefits of having multiple cores working on one task. We also looked at models that utlized supercomputers. In addition, we looked at models and practiced compiling data points to see how communication between different computers and dependencies impact the speed of supercomputers.

    Group Project 2 Day 3- Presentations!


    Today, Lucia and I finished up our group project and added different reset buttons that had different numbers of bees. We then conducted different trials in which which we timed how long it took for 8 flowers to be pollinated and we took the average of three trials. We then prepared for our presentation by mapping out our answers for the required questions and running through it several times. We then presented and got to hear about other group's models which encompassed a variety of topics including gas laws, binary fission, COVID-19, and many others.

    Group Project 2 Day 2


    Today, Lucia and I continued working on our group project. We focused on adding a death rate to the bees (using the splice function), allowing the flowers to reproduce and die, and using colors to indicate when the bees were carrying pollen. When a bee would touch a flower, it would turn yellow to show that it was carrying pollen and then turn black again when it encountered another flower to show that it was depositing the pollen. In addition, we worked on making the bees bounce off of the flowers.

    Group Project 2 Day 1


    Today, Lucia and I started working on our group project. We decided on doing our project on bees pollinating flowers. Building off of our bouncing particles model, we created two "bees" that moved across the world and we had two stationary particles in the background to represent the flowers. We added more bees into the model based on a bumblebee's birth rate.

    Final Day of Programming Concepts


    Today we furthered our bouncing particles model by adding a play button. We were introduced to concepts like loops, setInterval, and arrays. We added more particles to our model and allowed it to bounce off the top, bottom, right, and left walls. We were able to code for each particle using an array.

    Day 2 of Programming Concepts


    Though I wasn't able to make it to today's meeting, at home I started working with javascript to improve our bouncing particles model. We added a step and reset button. Each time that the step button was pressed, the particle would move towards the right.

    Intro to Programming Concepts


    Today, we were introduced to various programming concepts and started building our bouncing particles model. We practiced doing version control by creating a trunk folder that we edited and made copies of as we added onto our code. Though I left early, at home I finished making the canvas (the world) and creating the first particle.

    Group Project Presentations


    Today, Libby and I finished working on our websites, and planned out our presentations. We also took screenshots of our models and showed the various errors that we encountered in both our VenSim and Agent Cubes Model. In addition, I learned about other people's presentations, including shark and minnows, firefighters vs burning trees, money made by fast food chains, and many others.

    Day 2 Project


    Today, we worked on our Vensim model and created a working graph for money in circulation. We also planned and created an agent cubes model for money in circulation. In addition, we started creating our html website.

    Day 1 Project


    Today, we started working on our group project. Libby and I decided to work on Money In Circulation and planned out a Vensim model in our notebooks. We then worked on transferring that model and creating the equations. We tried to get a working graph, however, our equations seemed to be off.

    Intro to Project


    Today, we learned how to do agent-based modeling using a healthy and sick scenario. We were then introduced to the group project that will be occurring throughout December. Libby and I brainstormed various ideas for our project.


    Today,we practiced modeling different scenarios using Vensim such as population models and temperature. We also learned about carrying capacity and its affect on the model. Since I had to leave early, at home I finished working on these projects.



    Today, we learned how Excel can be used to model various scenarios and discussed multiple scenarios that can be modelled. We made simple equations to count how many pets we had, whether there were dominant or recessive genes, and we also made a model of trees (both healthy and on fire). We also used VenSim to create a model of population and competition. In addition, we talked about a very important equation: have = had + change.



    Today, we discussed the ethics of various professions and we compared and contrasted them. We then explored different algorithms (including a very fun game of Sudoku) and learned how to win The Price is Right. We also did pattern recognition and decoded messages from famous scientists. In addition, we took apart and examined the various parts of a quadratic equation and what each value represents. We used that knowledge to learn how to manipulate equations. After that, we learned about numerals and discovered the differences between GoogleSheets and Excel when inputting equations due to rounding and truncation.



    Today, we discussed office ethics, which includes topics like how to present properly and how to work in an office environment. We also did various How Do You Know exercises, and discussed certainty vocabulary (words like necessary and evidence). In addition, we reviewed how humans learn: expectation, observation, and reflection. We also briefly looked over ethics for various careers.



    Today, we discussed the Apprentice Handbook and reviewed the rules and expectations Aprrentices have. We also were introduced to TextWrangler, created our website, and started writing our blog using html. In addition, we received a tour of the facility, took pictures for the website, and got cubbies.