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About Me

Hello! Welcome to my fabulous website! My name is Arjun Nair, I am currently a senior at East Chapel Hill High School. I was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and I have been residing in North Carolina for the past 3 years. My interests in engineering vary from Paper Science (PSE) to Computer Science (CS), I am also interested in business, entrepreneurship particularly. These interests have also correlated with the clubs that I am involved in school, such as DECA, TSA, Science Olympiad & Math Team. I am also a very passionate sports fan, predominantly basketball and soccer. My favorite players in soccer and basketball are Lionel Messi (I hope he wins the 2018 World Cup at Russia!) and Kevin Durant (BACK 2 BACK NBA FINALS MVP!), respectively.

Now more about me, I studied middle school in India, it was a great experience, it gave me a better understanding of my culture and heritage, it also enabled me to get a better understanding of the world and helped me determine some personal goals, such as establish worldwide initiatives to eradicate world poverty and common diseases such as malaria & dengue.

At Shodor, I am an apprentice for the 2017-2018 year. I joined Shodor as it would be a great experience and exposure to computer science and would help me in choosing my major and profession in college and in life, respectively. Though, I have gained the exposure I have also learned several skills such as modeling techniques and the aptitude a computational scientist should maintain. Also, the people at Shodor have created a wonderful environment to learn as well as create a mentality of innovation.