Fast Food Model

System Model

This is a system model which shows the total profits of a fast food company which operates on a 24 hour basis. People come into the restaurant, order their food, and then leave. The profit calculated is based on the number of burgers produced, rent, wages, amount to buy each burger, cost to make each burger, and the number of employees. What the incoming people, or customers purchase, is based on the amount of burgers that are made, or the variable "make food."

System Model in Vensim

Agent Model

This is a model on progression of giving orders and receiving food in a Fast Food Restaurant. The customers move in a linear fashion, and the cashiers are mainly stationary. Once all of the customers are consumers, if the consumer is next to the Pick-Up Cashier, then the consumer leaves the restaurant. The counter in the bottom left corner counts the number of customers and consumers in the world, which constantly changes.

Agent Model in Agent Cubes