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Nomenclature Formula-to-Name Solutions

The key to solving these types of problems correctly is first determining whether the molecule is ionic or molecular. If it consists of two nonmetals, then it is molecular like numbers 2 and 14. In these cases, we must use the prefixes. In the others, we simply use the ionic compound rules to find the names.

  1. CaCO3: calcium carbonate
  2. SCl2: sulfur dichloride
  3. Li2CrO4: lithium chromate
  4. NaSCN: sodium thiocyanate
  5. KClO3: potassium chlorate
  6. Ca(C2H3O2): calcium acetate
  7. K2Cr2O7: potassium dichromate
  8. Mg3(PO4)2: magnesium phosphate
  9. Ba(NO2)2: barium nitrate
  10. Hg2Cl2: mercury(I) chloride
  11. NaHCO3: sodium bicarbonate
  12. H2S: hydrosulfuric acid
  13. H2SO3: sulfurous acid
  14. SO3: sulfur trioxide
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