programmingHS 2014
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Today in Programming Concepts, the students began to work on their projects. They got to choose the project that they created based off of the Bouncing Particles Module. Some students stuck to this example and did not change much about the starter code. For example, two of the students created a model very similar to the bouncing particles model: they had their model alternate between drawing red squares and blue squares over and over again different places on the canvas. On the other hand, another group of students started their code from scratch and created a game. They described it as a mystery game, and you are given hints and try to find a person or solve a given problem. Their code was running well until a major problem occurred. They were not sure where to begin, but, with Aaron’s help they were able to fix the problem and create their game. The students also stated that it was a little difficult not having the starter code to begin from to have something to start off of and manipulate. Also, Aaron briefly introduced functions to the students, and how they work. Some examples of the functions that were briefly introduced were: Math, random(), console.log(), and things like arguments and pass.