The Shodor Scholars Program in Computational Science
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What is computational science?

What is Computational Science?

Computational science is the newest method of doing scientific research. Computational science, sometimes referred to as "modeling and simulation", is the combination of science, mathematics, and computing. It is used to study scientific events that are difficult to study using "traditional" research methods because the problems are too big or too small, too fast or too slow, too far away, too dangerous, or too expensive.

Computational science is used in all types of science as well as in areas such as economics, linguistics (language), history, psychology, and sociology. In the sciences, some of the types of problems that are studied include:

  • numerical weather prediction (NWP)
  • the structure and behavior of chemicals
  • the interactions between animals, plants, and people in an ecosystem
  • the spread of a disease (epidemiology)
  • the effect of exercise on health
  • determining correct dosages of medicine for patients
  • exploring the interaction of two or more galaxies with each other

Computational scientists are at the forefront of scientific research. Indeed, the "Grand Challenge" problems in science are all problems that can only be solved using computational science!