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Modeling Your World, Session A, Summer 2000
Pictures of Day 3

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Students search for the picture that Christina pulled from a website. They were practicing using a search engine effectively.

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Christina explains the rules of the Lynx and Hares game. This activity will model population dynamics.

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Ben, a lynx, tries very hard to capture his prey, Jeff, who is a hare.

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Lynx and hares run everywhere as this population gets into full swing. Which population will die first?

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Ben, a lynx, is the last member of the population left standing. The lynx used up all of their food resources before more were born.

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More hares are born and return to the game as time passes. The newborn hares must run for their lives to survive long.

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Jeff and Jon work together to model the population dynamics on the computer.

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Renee shows the students how to determine what happens to a population over time.

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