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Modeling Your World, Session A, Summer 2000
Pictures of Day 4

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Ryan, Maggie, and Ellen listen attentively as Bob2 discusses how water cools from its boiling point differently depending on which container it is in.

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Bob2 shows the class the cooling equation that they will use in the model of different containers.

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Bob2 talks with the class about their hypotheses regarding which container will hold heat the longest.

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James is all grins when the class proves that his hypothesis about the container that would hold heat the longest is correct.

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Stephanie helps the group get started in the human knot activity. Everyone reaches out and grabs another hand and suddenly they find themselves completely entangled!

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James contemplates his next move during the human knot activity. Everyone in the knot wants to get untangled so that they don't have to stand so close to each other!

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Ellen and Tasha find themselves with their backs to the crowd in the human knot activity.

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These guys have to crouch down to get their knot untangled. Like electrons, they want to get further away from each other, but they must untangle first.

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The guys direct Ryan under their arms so that the knot can be further untangled.

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Tasha makes a move.

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Ben wonders, "Is that possible?"

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Jon bows down.

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Bob1 shows the class how to use SimSurface to model the activity of an electron in a atom.

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James gives a side-ways glance as the computer shows him how an electron seeks to be at its lowest energy level.

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The class is a little surprised by what Bob1 asks them to input into their program, but they input it as he tells them to in order to observe the model that he wants to make with SimSurface.

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