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Candid Student Reports

The following (emails) were written by members of the Internet Science Exploration during the first session of the program. Some elements may have been removed for various reasons, but the text that remains is in the student's own words.

Today we learned about packets, and DNS entries, among other things. I liked the activity we did, simulating the route that messages and other things go on in the internet. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait until tomorrow.


It got really hot in the room which made it hard to concentrate and learn. It felt kind of long too. I didn't understand some of the stuff I did but overall learned and had fun!


Today in Internet Science Explorations we worked on learning how to use the internet it was fun. I didn't like the long talks about things we knew the day we were born. What we did like was getting to learn how to send E-mail, and how to change the home page location. I liked the break most of all when I went to Northgate Mall

Ben and Robert

It was fun but sometimes it was hard to pay attention to.But I learned a lot of things from it.


I leaned how messages and info get sent


I really enjoyed the camp today. Most of the things we learned I did not know. We learned about DNS information and we manually simulated how messages travel on the internet. I hope we learn more about these tomorrow.


I learned that the internet was started in 1969 by the military. Because they wanted a way forinformation to travel quickly and efficiently. But the web was created in the late 80's. And this class is very interesting.


I had a good time at the camp. The history was good to now. I am happy now to now that I will finally be smarter than my dad in computers.


I learned about e-mail and the way things go from your computer to other places. I had fun doing the game where we sent thngs through the halls until all the words got there. This was a part of science internet explorations.


I really like this camp and what I did today at the science camp.I even learned a new package.

Thank you


The camp did not stimulate me. It got monotonous so I lost intrest so I started to daydream and when I had to do something I did not know what to do.



This class is really cool! We talked about when and who created the internet and I thought it was so cool to be able to send e-mail back and forth just liked we talked about! I almost got everybodys address. Me, Ben, and Jon (ONE OF THE TEACHERS) talked about how and why Microsoft is being split in 2.And all this gives me a chance to work on my typing skills. The teachers are really nice and I'm glad you allow them to keep this program up. I know I'll be ahead of my class at school next year.


Today day in camp I learned when the internet was made and who made it. The internet was made in 1969 and by the usa military. We also got are own e-mail for the class.I had fun at camp today.


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