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Science Careers

There are many different career choices in the science disciplines. Students in the Student Science Enrichment Program have interviewed scientists that they know and they share their discussions below. If you know someone who works in a scientific field and would like to interview them for this web site, please contact the site administrator. Check out our CAREER LINKS below!
Careers in Science
Do Paleontologists just dig for bones? What is a Science Writer?
Is Veterinary Medicine for the birds? Do you want to be a Science Teacher?
A Doctor's Life
While we think that these sites might be useful for students interested in pursuing various scientific careers, due to the ever changing nature of the web, neither The Burroughs Wellcome Fund nor The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc. can be responsible for their content. Please contact the web site administrator if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns (include the URL of this page in the text of your message). After clicking on a link, close the new window to return to the SSEP site.

Visit the SSEP career links page!

Veterinary Medicine Career Information
This site, hosted by the US department of labor statistics, gives a great deal of information about how to pursue a veterinary medicine career. Find out about the nature of the work, working conditions, earnings and more on this informative site.
Exploring Health Careers
This web site allows users to explore from a selection of more than 50 careers. You are able to search by interest, title or type.
Explore Forensic Entomology
This informative web site includes detailed explanations of all aspects of forensic entomology (the study of insects to help solve crimes).
Careers in Forensic Science
This site hosted by the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center provides many links to web pages having to do with forensic and investigative science. It's a great place to start if you're interested in a career in forensic science.
Meteorology in Depth
This site goes straight to the point without leaving anything out. The page setup makes it easy to read and understand.
Oceanography Careers
For someone trying to pursue a career in oceanography, this site is incredibly useful. It has lists of where jobs are offered, where to learn about this field, and what kind of jobs are available today. It has detailed explanations that answer many questions. All you could ever want to know about oceanography careers is on this page.
Careers in Computer Science
This extremely comprehensive site provides a multitude of information on the differenet kinds of computer science, and even lists potential companies to work for if one is interested in a particular field. It is aimed at computer science majors in or exiting from college, but is useful for anyone interested in a career in computer science by providing information ahead of time.
Careers in Botany
For anyone who is interested in plants, this is definitely a site that you should check out. The site answers all the question you may have about botany in an easy and fun format. It also lets you experience being a botanist for a day.
Careers in Forensic Pharmacy
This a fast and reliable site for anyone interested in medicine, mysteries or both. The site gives great information on forensic pharmacy and it also gives you links to other great forensic pharmacy sites.
Careers in Marine Biology
This is an outstanding site for people of all ages interested in marine biology. Search through this site to find all the answers and information you need to become a marine biologist.

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