the Adler Foods Mystery

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amos Amos Barreto
   I stopped working for the Division of Health Services in June of 1997. I don't recall that I investigated the New Leaf Foods case. I think Monte Evans might have worked that one. I remember because he was going through a rough time them. He needed some quick cash to pay off some large debts and was working a lot of overtime. That didn't last long though. He seemed to pay off those debts real quick and was back to his slacker ways.
   I remember when that case was in the news though. Didn't New Leaf change their name to Adler Foods? That's strange that they are having trouble with tainted soup again.


monteMonte Evans
   I've worked at the Division of Health Services since 1995, but I don't know much about the New Leaf case. I think I took my vacation during the time of the investigation. I can't give you a fingerprint right now, because I don't want the ink to stain my clothes.




Thomas Dietz
   I loved farming, but now I've got a good paying job working at Glaxo-Wellcome.
Jonathan Pahl
   I served as Tom Dietz' right hand man at Dietz Farms. He was a nice guy then, but he's turned into a real crazy ever since he lost his farm.
   We sold chickens to New Leaf Foods that they used in their chicken soups. It's true that I lost my job when Dietz Farms had to close because of health violations. The State Investigators said our chickens had salmonella, but I doubt that is possible. I never saw anything unsanitary going on, Tom was very careful about that. It's nothing to me, though. I've got my own farm now and am selling my pigs to Jimmy Dean. I'm living the high life, I tell you what.
   I don't remember signing the Investigation Report Form, but it looks enough like my signature. However, I know that's not my fingerprint because my fingertips are all scarred from carrying around too many roast pigs and handling farm equipment.
   I'll give you a copy of my signature so you can compare it to the one on the form.