the Adler Foods Mystery

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I'm from the Durham Police Department. I have been working a case to find out who poisoned Adler Foods Chicken Soup. We have been able to link three recent cases of Cholera back to the soup.

As I did more research I discovered that Adler Foods used to be called New Leaf Foods but they changed their name after their chicken soup was tainted around 1997.

According to our sources, salmonella was found in the soup. The State Health investigator found the chicken supplier responsible for the incident and the farm, Dietz farms, went bankrupt soon after. This led us to look back in the State Health files to see what we could find.

I found this document that has been altered. It appears to be a good piece of evidence, so I've brought it to you to see what you can find out.

Specifically, I need to know who is putting cholera in the soup, and why. Also, is there anyone else involved in this case? I need evidence that I can use to arrest and convict the perpetrators.

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