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Project TitleSupercomputing Software and Curriculum Intern
SummaryThe intern will learn, use, and improve existing supercomputing curriculum modules by porting, scaling, and tuning their codes on the Blue Waters supercomputer.
Job DescriptionThe intern will be responsible for (1) learning the scientific background and algorithms of one or more petascale curriculum modules [Area Under a Curve, Game of Life, Spread of Disease, Sieve of Eratosthenes, and/or Binary Tree Traversal], (2) building, running, and generating scaling and runtime data for the code of the module(s) on a LittleFe portable supercomputer architecture, (3) porting the code to the Blue Waters supercomputer architecture, (4) generating scaling and runtime data for the code on Blue Waters, (5) tuning the code to optimize for performance on Blue Waters, and (6) modifying the original modules to report on the scaling and runtime results, as well as any modifications to the original algorithm that occurred during the process.
Conditions/QualificationsThe applicant must have experience with a procedural programming language (some examples include C, C++, Fortran, Java, Python, and JavaScript).

The applicant must be available to attend the 2014 Blue Waters petascale institute at NCSA, May 25 through June 7.
Start Date06/09/2014
End Date05/25/2015
LocationShodor, Durham, North Carolina
James Lancaster, III
Colleen Heinemann