Programs for Students

For Triangle area students with an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), Shodor offers workshops, apprenticeships and internships to help them to progress from enthusiasm, to experience to expertise while learning 21 st Century workforce skills. Explore these opportunities below:

Mentor Center @ Shodor:
Opportunities for middle school, high school, and undergraduate students in Durham, N.C.

SUCCEED Workshops
Shodor offers science, math, and computing workshops throughout the year for middle and high school students.

Students who are accepted into the Apprenticeship Program work through a set of goals to develop skills that will qualify them for paid jobs as participants in the Intern Program.

As interns, students will contribute their skills toward developing educational materials that will then be launched on Shodor's website, used by educators and students across the country, as tools to improve math and science education. In addition, interns often work off-site with local organizations to utilize the tools they have helped to develop.

Community Outreach and Collaboration:
Across the state of North Carolina and beyond

Pathways to CyberInfrastructure
Through the Pathways to CyberInfrastructure project, we help organizations to incorporate Shodor's interactive math and science activities into their existing programs for youth.

For example, we've worked with the WD Hill Community Center in Durham to add math and science classes to their summer and after school programs. Children were introduced to innovative concepts in physics, statistics, geometry and physical science using hands-on "fun" activities.

Computing MATTERS
Computing MATTERS is designed to build self-sustaining local infrastructures, enabling students all over North Carolina, and eventually the nation, to grow from excitement to experience to expertise. As such, the program partners with local schools and organizations to offer student programs outside of Durham and the Research Triangle.