General Information

As a nationally recognized non-profit, Shodor strives to improve math and science education through the effective use of modeling and simulation technologies - "computational science." In addition to developing and deploying interactive models, simulations, and educational tools, Shodor serves students and educators directly through workshops and other hands-on experiences. Shodor offers innovative workshops helping faculty and teachers incorporate computational science into their own curricula or programs. Shodor works to ensure that students are prepared to enter into computationally intensive scientific research fields through appropriate mentorships by active scientists. Time and time again, Shodor has been recognized as a national leader and a premier resource in the effective use of computers to improve both math and science education.

As interns, students will contribute their skills toward developing educational materials that will then be launched on Shodor's website and used by educators and students across the country, as tools to improve math and science education. In addition, interns often work off-site with local organizations to utilize the tools they have helped to develop. Interns will be tasked with developing computational science curriculum, editing current curriculum and website content, teaching offsite and summer workshops, and a variety of other related tasks.

Shodor is seeking students passionate about education, computational science, engineering, and physics. Applicants should be knowledgeable in both web design and programming languages such as PHP, CSS, and SQL, and JavaScript. Shodor is also seeking education majors with experience in developing lesson plans, knowledge of different teaching philosophies, and experience in the classroom.