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  • Glossary of Terms

    The mathematics behind the a computer model.

    The science behind the model-- background about the information in the model.

    How the computer model was set up to model the problem.

    A chemical substance that will increase the speed at which a reaction occurs but not chemical output of the reaction.

    Causual Loop System:
    A diagram showing the components of an ongoing process.

    The amount of a substance in a specified volume.

    Free Radicals:
    Extremely reactive substances that possess unpaired electrons.

    Molecules that contain at least one carbon and hydrogen atom.

    Expresses that a certain particle has kinetic energy: it has both mass and velocity.

    Oxidizing Agents:
    Substances that take electrons from other atoms.

    Photochemical Smog:
    Exists when hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen occur together in the presence of sunlight.

    Reducing Agents:
    Substances that give electrons to other atoms.

    Solar Radiation:
    Emissions from the sun.

    A layer of air extending about seven miles upwards from the earth's surface.

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