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Phase Changes

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Interactive Simulations

Latent Heat Model

The interactive virtual lab on this page shows what occurs at the molecular level when particles are heated. Key Concepts: Latent Heat, Temperature, Phase Transitions

Click on the main image of the page or go to the activity link to use the interactive virtual lab. You will be told to click once on the link in a popup window.

States of Matter

An interactive simulation of water molecules as they form a solid, liquid, and gas. The user can add or remove heat from the system and watch the phase change, as well as changing the volume to model a pressure-temperature diagram. Key Concepts: Temperature, Phase Transitions, States of Matter, Molecular Interaction

To begin, click on the "Run Now" button.

Chemical Potential Energy and Phase Change

An interactive model allowing the user to observe the relationship between phase change and kinetic/potential energies. The user can heat and cool helium, observing the exchange of energies. Key Concepts: Latent Heat, Temperature, Physical v. Chemical Changes

To begin, click "Launch Activity". You will be told to click once on the link in a popup window.

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