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  • Welcome to the ChemViz Curriculum Support Resources Page!

    The purpose of this set of links and other resources is to provide ChemViz students, teachers, staff (REU students and other developers) and others with an interest in Chemviz with a collaborative environment with which to understand and improve ChemViz.

    ChemViz is an interactive chemistry program which uses computer simulations and visualization tools to help instructors with teaching chemistry and students with learning. The visualization tools enable the students to view the chemistry at submicroscopic levels and the simulations support the chemistry principles teachers are trying to convey.

    The ChemViz website is set up as a series of background readings, labs, other helpful related links, and tools for the improvement of this site. When you click on a reading link, you will arive at an introductory page which provides a new series of links. These links are the various subtopics for each reading. When you click on a lab activity link, you will again arive at an introductory page. This page presents the goals and objectives of the lab. The tool bar provides more links which contain background readings, the actual lab, and other various links that will assist the teacher and student in completing the lab. The other helpful related links include similar chemistry programs already on the internet.

    • Overview: Background information to help aclimate students to the topics addressed in the ChemViz program.
    • Atomic Orbitals: An introduction to the concepts behind atomic orbitals including labelling of the subshells.
    • Z-matrices: A lab activity which introduces z-matrices and has students create their own for various molecules.
    • Basis Sets: Provides background reading to explain what a basis set is and includes a lab to emphasize the differences in accuracy among basis sets.
    • Glossary of Terms: A resource page meant to be used as a quick reference for students to brush up on appropriate terminology.

    Finally, we ask that you feel free to explore the "Developers' Tools" section. These links provide updates on the website features, a discussion board, past exchanges, a list of the team members, and a way to contact us with suggestions. We especially encourage you to make frequent use of the discussion board and the What's New pages.

    We hope you will find this site to be a helpful supplement for your chemistry class.

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