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About Me

Hello, I am Saiesh Shahi and this is my portfolio where I will be presenting my work done at Shodor. Every time I'm at Shodor (even if I'm making up the session due to absence), I write a blog and a reflection discussing what I learned and accomplished during the session. My blogs are available in the blog section of my webpage which can be navigated using the horizontal navigation bar on the top-left corner. Also, the Shodor Apprenticeship program is divided into three modules, fall, spring, and summer. The summer module is divided into three blocks, block 1, block 2, and block 3. After each module is completed, I will update my portfolio which includes the projects I did in each module.

My fall projects mainly consist of projects done using Microsoft Excel, VensimPLE, and AgentCubes Online. Towards the end of the fall module, we did a group project where we chose a topic to model and modeled it using VensimPLE and AgentCubes Online.

My spring projects mainly consist of projects related to programming concepts. We created a bouncing particles model which was used to learn aspects of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, this bouncing particles model was also used to help us with our second group project, which was done towards the end of the spring module. In our second group project, we chose a topic to model and we modeled it using the bouncing particles model.

My summer projects mainly consist of individual projects such as modeling (Vensim and Agentcubes), web design, graphic art, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and SQL.

Currently, I am a sophomore at Panther Creek High School. I am interested in computer science, math, and engineering, which is the primary reason I joined the apprentice program because I can gain experience to pursue a career in STEM. My hobbies are playing basketball, playing video games, playing chess, reading, and swimming.

Through the Shodor workshops, I have learned about different topics such as programming concepts, engineering, web design, etc. These workshops have enabled me to explore the STEM field and learn more about the career path I want to pursue. Also, I have learned valuable skills, such as programming using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and computer modeling. These skills have helped me in school and I can use these skills in the future.