Rohan Kashyap's Shodor Website

About Me

Basics: My name is Rohan Kashyap. I live in North Carolina. I am a rising sophomore at Apex High School. I am also attending the Shodor Apprenticeship Program.

Hobbies: One of my hobbies is playing the violin. I have been taking violin lessons for about ten years. Recently, I learnt my favorite song, the theme from the movie The Godfather, and have been playing for a few senior homes. Another thing I like is reading. I really enjoy reading, because when I read something, I always get transported into this new world. My favorite genre is science fiction and fantasy (Sci-Fi). I also enjoy playing strategic board games, such as chess, with others. I like these games because they are challenging, yet fun, and pose interesting scenarios.

My Experience At Shodor: My first experience with Shodor is when I took the Spring Saturday Explorations Workshop. After that, I took three more workshops: Explorations in Engineering, Parallel Universe, and Computer Programming Concepts. During these programs, I was first really introduced to what Shodor is. During the Explorations in Engineering workshop, we were taught the basic principles of engineering. Not only that, but we were also required to put these principles into practice. This is something I enjoyed, as we were able to participate in a number of fun activities, like using cost-effective materials to build a ship that would hold as many marbles as possible. The Parallel Universe workshop was interesting, because it provided a view into how computers can be used to change the way that we think about the world. Computer Programming Concepts was a fun workshop, as it was very hands-on. We learnt about different computer and programming concepts and practiced a bit of programming as well. After taking these workshops, I wanted to attend the Shodor Scholars Program (SSP), a two week intensive program that gives a glimpse into the life of an apprentice. SSP was a great experience. It combined so many things that I had learnt and applied them together. T also introduced me to parallel computing, which is a very cool concept where computers work together to do much more than possible. All these experience me convinced me to take the Shodor Apprenticeship Program.