Joseph Reza's Portfolio

About this site

      Welcome to my portfolio! Here, I have displayed all of the work I have done as a Shodor apprentice over the past year.

About Me

      My name is Joseph Reza. I am a rising sophomore at William G. Enloe High School in Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm mostly interested in programming, math and biology - a lot of STEM fields in general - and reading. I do many clubs at school, including Science Olympiad, DECA, HOSA, and Math Club. I also do a lot of volunteering work outside - most of it is devoted towards helping orphans.

      Ever since I was little, I had always wanted to do programming, and I also had a strong interest in STEM. I liked math a lot, and tried to learn as much about programming languages as I could. This led me to discover Shodor in 7th grade. I loved the workshops - they gave strong insights on how everything in the STEM field is connected and how to build on these. I learned not just programming, but computational science. Later on, I found out about the apprenticeship program, and decided to apply for it.

      Shodor has taught me more than just science, however. I've also learned more about the professional world. I've always had an interest in business, but I never got much exposure to it. Shodor allowed me to experience the office world first-hand. Whether it was my assignment on office ethics, my experience doing ODAA (other duties as assigned), or our various group projects, I'm more prepared for the business world.