Hello! My name is Isha Mahadeshwar and I am a rising sophomore at Enloe High School. Some of my hobbies include dancing, doing gymnastics, and spending time with my friends and family.

Why Shodor?

I joined Shodor to help channel my love of computational science into different projects and to learn a wide variety of computational skills. Ever since I was little, I have always had an interest in solving puzzles using logic and reasoning. During my second grade summer, my brother and I realized that getting out of bed to turn off our bedroom lights at night was a hassle that we needed to find a solution to. Together, we built a pulley system that ran along our bedroom walls, allowing us to turn off the lights from our beds with ease. My interest in science and math has only increased since. In dance class, my teacher and I have to use math to divide dancers and place them in formations that are symmetric to the center of the stage to make an aesthetically pleasing performance. From the Fibonacci sequence being found in flower petals, to the golden ratio being found in shells and hurricanes, math and science surround us. I am constantly amazed by how these subjects, with just a few laws and patterns, can explain the intricate workings of our world. Through Shodor, I realized that computer programming brought together my fascination with computers, problem-solving, and my eye for design and detail.

About Website

This website is a compilation of all the projects I have completed over the course of the year at Shodor. It also includes links to the projects, along with a short description for each one. Lastly, there is blog where I have documented my progress and learnings of each of my days at Shodor.