Hudson's Website

About Hudson

My name is Hudson, I created this website to showcase my work at shodor. I am in 11th grade, and I am interested in physics, electronics, woodworking, computer science, and rocketry. I attend Emerson Waldorf School, there, I am on the TARC rocketry team, head of the robotics club, and head of the volunteering club. My hobbies include making and flying model rockets, building and programming things with arduino, and making wood bowls on a lathe.

I joined shodor in the fall of 2019 because although I was really interested in computer science, I didn't know very much about it. I wanted an in person experience that taught a well rounded curriculum, not just how to program one specific language. Before Shodor I had been exposed to a bit of programming, but never worked with any of the modeling softwares that I learned at shodor.

I have learned so much from the Shodor Apprenticeship Program. I have learned programming concepts, which allowed me to easily learn five different programming languages. I have learned how to work with excel, vensim, and agentCubes. And I have become even better at working as a team.

On this website, I will be showcasing all of my work. Every day I am ay Shodor, I write a blog post about my day, and post it in the blog portion of my website. The portfolio portion of my website contains all of my projects.