Doriz's Portfolio

About The Apprentice

Salutations! I am Doriz Concepcion, a junior (now rising senior at this point) at Riverside High School. I am involved in a lot of STEM related activities as I am very passionate about math, science, and everything with computers. I am enrolled in my school's engineering program and I participate in Science Olympiad. Aside from STEM, many of my passions include music as I play piano and regularly compete, play the flute in my school's symphonic band ensemble.

Additionally, I am involved with Speech and Debate and love to write short stories and essays of all sorts. As you can see, my interests range from STEM related activities to what is traditionally known as humanities related activities. It's a good balance to my livelihood and is to make sure I don't sit behind a computer screen all the time.

As stated before, I am very passionate about all things STEM related and when my counselor brought Shodor to my interest, it sounded a lot like my interests and decided to see what additional skills I can learn to further enrich my knowledge.

About This Website

The purpose of this website is to be a digital portfolio represent myself and display the projects and skills I have been developing during my time at Shodor. The blogs provide insight to our weekly sessions and lectures at Shodor from my point of view. The projects page is to allow access to see the all the projects I have created in the fall, spring, and summer module.