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March 5, 2008.

This week I learned more NetLogo, and enjoyed it a lot! We used more sliders and new if-then structures for NetLogo, and learned how to label, and inspect turtles. With what we learned we started doing a new model for a group project. Our group chose to make a model about Avian Influenza and how it can pass between people and chickens. Some of the trickier parts were getting the turtles to stay within certain zones, making the virus id's work so the virus could mutate, and managing all of the different aspects of the model. It was the most complex one I have made so far. I was most proud of how I was able to figure out the more confusing parts of the model and how I was able to build the project by myself. It was a lot of fun, and is very complex looking because of all of the different variable sliders and the graphs and monitors I am using. I am hoping to learn more about NetLogo and other modeling programs. Looking at the schedule for what's ahead, it says we will learn Vensim, which interests me. What will that be like? I can't wait to find out!

February, 2008.

This week we started learning NetLogo, a modeling program that I love. Although I couldn't make the class, I learned it from Valerie during the week. I looked at some of the examples, and I can't wait to make my own. I made a model showing turtles changing their color to their neighbor's color, and one of turtles reproducing. It was very fun! I was most proud of being able to pick up NetLogo quickly even though I hadn't attended the class. I had a lot of fun! Another thing I was proud of this week was giving my group presentation. Since I was absent for the class, I recorded it and sent it in for my group members to play as part of the presentation. It was the first time I have done something like that, so that was exciting. I am hoping to learn more NetLogo, because I think it is a very powerful program, and I want to learn how to make models on the level of the ones in the models gallery. I can't wait until next time!

January 26, 2008.

This week in addition to learning about Presentation Skills and Agent Sheets, we learned from Rene Daughtry, a guest teacher from Cisco, we learned about job opportunities in the IT fields. Even though we hear all the buzz about our jobs disappearing, the IT fields are actually getting bigger exponentially. IT stands for Information Technology, and it covers the fields of computer sciences and information technology. He also talked about how Cisco often lets kids our age tour their company, and that they can meet engineers who work there and ask them about their jobs. Another exciting thing I learned is that the engineering fields are actually seeking out women to hire, and that means well-qualified women will have an advantage in that field. I can't wait! I was most proud that I was able to finish the Agent Sheets assignment before class, and in class I progressed even further, adding rabbits and starting to add wolves to my predator-prey simulation. I am also proud that I was able to help classmates with both Agent Sheets and CSS problems that they were having. I learned about Cisco and the engineering field, something I am always interested in learning about, and I learned even more advanced uses for AgentSheets. I'm definitely contacting the Cisco representative to see if I can come learn more or visit some time!

January 15, 2008.

This week we learned how to use AgentSheets, something I now recognize from Interactivate games I've done before. We made a model in class that showed the spread of disease, and for homework will start a predator prey simulation. I am most proud of the way I learned how to use Agent Sheets and how I was able to add a doctor to the program without help. It was a lot of fun, too! I can't wait until we do more! I am hoping to learn further uses for Agent Sheets, and to be able to use it for making my own models. I would also like to learn other modeling programs, as they have been quite fun and useful thus far. Maybe eventually I can make one for Interactivate!

December 15, 2007.

This week we learned more about the "div" tag and how to use it. I began to experiment with using it, and used it to start building my group's website. We also learned how to use ids, which make it so much easier to format specific parts of a page. I also learned how to add and manipulate a picture on my website, and added my logo to my page. It was a very productive day! I am most proud of the fact that I was able to begin my group's webpage, something that very few people have done thus far. I added a sample logo to it, and was able to figure out any problems that I had. I am also pleased that I was able to almost finish my personal website. Yay! I am hoping to learn more JavaScript, something we touched on today. We were able to make a textbox we could minimize with it, and it seemed very cool, if finicky. I am also hoping to become even more proficient with html and CSS.

December 1, 2007.

This week I learned how to use CSS to style my website. It's so cool to see how much you can change about a website using a style sheet shorter than the length of the content! I can't wait to use it on my web page and for the new projects we have! I also found out that we will be learning math as part of the apprenticeship program, something I love! I can't wait! I am most proud of the fact that I was able to start learning CSS ahead of time, and that I was able to figure out how to complete the CSS Challenge, researching parts I hadn't heard of before and experimenting on my own. Since I had never used CSS before coming to Shodor, this was a big achievement for me. I am hoping to learn more specifics about CSS programming, and how to do more advanced things using it. I know once I practice more it will be easier though. I would love to be able to learn how to make my website more interactive, something I believe we will be doing next week! Can't wait!

November 3, 2007.

Today I learned how to write html and where to learn it and other website building programs ( I can't wait until my website is done. This is so cool!!! I am hoping to learn more about graphics in html and Cascade, two things that I can use to improve my website. They're coming up, so I'm very excited.

October 26, 2007.

Thus far, I have had many enjoyable experiences in math and science. They're my favorite subjects! At school, I am taking the higher math track, and getting A+s in both it and in science class. Outside of school, I also participate in Science Olympiad, Morehead Middle School Science Club, and I am starting a Lego robotics club at my school. I also participate in STEM activities through Girl Scouts, and during the holidays I visit science centers and museums all over the US and Canada with my family.
Some other math and science events I have enjoyed are Pi Day at the St. Louis Science Center, a Bioblitz with Dr. E. O. Wilson that I earned through a science essay contest at my school, the Sally Ride Science Festival (where I was able to actually meet the first woman astronaut, Sally Ride), attending a lecture at the Morehead Planetarium & Science Center by Dr. Jocelyn Bell Burnell (the discoverer of Pulsars) and writing an article on it, and riding the Shuttle Launch experience and G-force simulator at Kennedy Space Center.
During the summer, I have also been able to participate in tons of STEM summer camps, such as Meredith college residential science camp, a C++ Cybercamp, Science Olympaid Camp, Middle School Engineering camp at NC State, NCSU Environmental Science Summer Camp, Morehead Planetarium Lego Robotics Camp, a robotics camp at the Museum of Life and Science, weeklong space camp at Wallops Space Center in Virginia, and several science camps at Shodor such as the Engineers in training camp, Math Explorations Camp, and the Environmental Science camp. It's been a lot of fun!

Yay Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math!

October 23, 2007.

This week we learned what a Shodor Apprenticeship will be like and what the expectations will be. We also began to learn how to write html (things like codes for making paragraphs, headings, and lists), and how to keep a record of what we've done so far in our journals. This all feels so official and exciting! It's been a lot of fun so far, and I can't wait until next time in order to learn more!