Anup Rao's Shodor Apprenticeship Website

  • Hello! Thank you for visiting my Shodor Apprentice Website. My name is Anup Rao and I am currently a senior attending Green Hope High School located in Cary, NC. I live with my sister and parents in Morrisville, NC. I was born and raised in the state of North Carolina, but lived in India for 3 years which gave me a lot of experience. I have cherished those 3 years as I wasable to meet my entire family and grandparents and learn more about different types of lifestyle.
  • I recognize myself as someone who tries to compete everyday to broaden my knowledge from several different fields. Applying to college, I wanted to have a little background knowledge in the computer field in order to make up my final career decision. I have been able to get experience in the medical field during programs over summer in the past few years. My parents are both software engineers, have always wanted me to learn computers before going to college. For these reasons, I decided to attend Shodor’s Apprenticeship Program to learn the several different computer resources they provide. Till now, I feel this program has definitely paid off and I have learned several different things which most people at my school do not have a chance to learn.
  • Currently at school, I have enrolled myself in many challenging courses since my Junior year. This semester, I am taking AP Psychology, AP Physics I, Honors English IV, AP Government and Politics, Honors Law and Justice, Honors Entrepreneurship, AP Physics II, and AP Statistics. I have completed classes such as AP Biology and AP Calculus AB/BC last year. During my free time, I love to play Cricket and Tennis and watch a lot of sports, and spending time with my friends. I am a huge NC State and Carolina fan (sorry Duke). Although studying does take a lot of time, I enjoy family time and participating in programs like Shodor. Finally, I would like to thank Shodor for giving me this great opportunity and I definitely hope to build off of this in the future.