Abrianna Macklin

What is this website?

I am a 17 year old high school senior at Riverside High School who has many interests outside of the classroom such as computer science, biotechnology, medicine, engineering, literature, and many more. I joined the Shodor Apprenticeship program because I wanted to gain experience in the world of computational modeling and found that the program could combine her many interests in a positive way. I came into the apprenticeship program excited for many new opportunities and learning experiences I could gain from spending my Saturdays at Shodor as well as find my passions or solidify what I am passionate about. This website is aimed to serve as a portfolio of what I have done while at Shodor which includes my newfound knowledge of modeling programs such as VensimPLE, Agent Cubes, and Excel while also learning more about the programming languages CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

So, who is Abrianna Macklin?

Outside of the Shodor Apprenticeship program, I am involved in my school's theatre department, which I have been an active member of since the fifth grade, which over time helped develop my public speaking skills in front of an audience. I also love to read literature, whether it be Harry Potter, Little Women, or more modern genres today as well as a collection of nonfiction novels in order to increase my knowledge of topics such as psychology, medicine, engineering, computer science, and many other topics. I also find myself as an avid researcher on different topics with my recent research going into diaspora subcultures (if you don't know what that means, I encourage you to Google it). I also write poetry and code which both help balance my sense of creativity and logic. I am almost in my freshman year of college at ECU where I hope to double major in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science.