Albert He


Welcome, interested explorers. You have landed upon Albert He’s website! This website has many great resources and projects that include interesting information and important models. This also displays many key aspects of the Shodor Apprentice Program that we experience in our adventures as well as the activities and projects that we do here when we step into the office.

I am currently a student at Chapel Hill High School where I love to spend time learning and hanging out with friends while having a good time. Not only do I participate in school, but I also enjoy many other activities outside of school. Since sixth grade, I have been playing the trumpet which I enjoy very much. This year, I play in the school concert band and marching band which I always look forward to doing because of all of the new friendships you make with the members and the incredible final product that is created. Throughout the year, I also like to play a lot of tennis whether that is for a tournament, the school team, or just for fun. It is a sport that takes a lot of hard work, determination, concentration, and strategy which makes it something truly unique. One of my favorite activities to do, no matter what season it is, is travel. The feeling of exploring and experiencing a whole new land is amazing. Each place is unique with a certain special aspect that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Whether it’s the food, music, culture, history, landmarks, nature, or views, there is just something about traveling that excites and interests me. One of my most recent and favorite trips was with some friends and family. We hopped on a cruise going to many places we had never been before. We learned so much about the different foods and culture that it expanded my view on the world. However, not only did we learn and intake so much information, but we also had lots of fun doing things like going ziplining, horseback riding, going to the beach looking over the mountains and scenery, and much more. All of these amazing experience created everlasting memories for all of us which really showed the energy and purpose in traveling and exploring the world. Although these are just a few of the many activities that I enjoy doing outside of school, I hoped you learned a little more about who I am.