Advanced Programming Concepts
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Course Description:

As technology increasingly penetrates more and more areas of everyday life, so do the computer programs it runs.

This workshop is a continuation of the Programming Concepts workshop. Using the solid understanding of basic programming already learned, this workshop is designed to introduce students to the more advanced concepts of computer programming. These include concepts such as code libraries, advanced language features, debugging, event handling, and version control. Students will learn how to program in both visual and textual programming environments to create highly interactive end-user applications.

Structure of activities:

Participants work both in teams and individually in a supervised, hands-on learning environment. Each day they will learn about new approaches and tools and then have the opportunity to try them out for themselves in our computer lab.

Educational Objectives:

This course introduces students to various programming environments and tools to solve real-world problems.

Facilities and equipment:

All activities take place at the Shodor offices on 807 East Main Street, Suite 7-100, in Durham, North Carolina. Participants have access to laptop computers with internet access.


Participants should have already taken the Computer Programming Concepts workshop. Some programming experience is highly recommended.