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Science  (...)
Students explore the use of computers in astronomy and astrophysics.
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The investigation of a wide variety of medical and bio-scientific problems through the application of computational science techniques.
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The investigation of chemical structure and behavior through the application of computational chemistry techniques.
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The investigation of interesting environmental problems through the use of computer modeling and simulation techniques.
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Emphasizes the methods of observing, gathering and analyzing physical evidence to solve mysteries and the use of computational science to gain useful information in forensic analysis.
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Students learn physics concepts with hands-on experimentation, gaining greater insight with the support of computational models.

Technology  (...)
Provides students in Grades 4 or 5 with a hands-on introduction to the basics of using databases and spreadsheets.

Students will learn both how to use existing programs to create two-dimensional visualizations, and how to create programs that will draw two-dimensional graphics.

Introduces students to the high technology environment in which most scientists now work and the specialized critical thinking and communication skills they must have to be successful there.
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Introduces high school students to the investigation of scientific computing through logical reasoning and discovery using hands on investigations.

The Web Design workshop will take you through the complete process of designing and building a website. Students will learn to write HTML and CSS code to create and build fully functioning websites from their designs.
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Engineering  (...)
Introduces rising 6th- through 8th-graders to the basic elements of a computer-aided engineering design process through exploration and development of small scale systems.
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Math  (...)
Students explore concepts of recursion and self-similarity through a variety of different fractals. Students also discover the fractals found in art and nature.
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Students explore the relationship of mathematics to music, art and nature through the use of various computer models.
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This class builds bridges between math concepts and the use of those concepts in problem solving situations.
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Interdisciplinary  (...)
Participants use several modeling tools to investigate authentic scientific problems.
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On several Saturdays during the spring and fall we will look at a variety of areas in different sciences and mathematics, combining hands-on activities with computer and network explorations.

This two-week workshop for Hearing Impaired students focuses on the design, development, and use of computational tools as an observation and testing tool for scientific problems.

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