Stimulating Understanding of Computational science through Collaboration, Exploration, Experiment, and Discovery for students with Hearing Impairments
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Pre-Computational Science Featured Activity!
  • What is computational science?
    1. Observational science
    2. Experimental science
    3. Theoretical science
    4. Computational science
  • Who uses computational science?
  • What do computational scientists do?
  • How do I learn computational science?
  • Why should I learn computational science?

Looking for a place to start? Try this month's "Featured Activity".

The Effect of Medications on Daphnia 

Medications are being found in our rivers and lakes. Will these chemicals affect the plants and animals that live in our
waterways? This activity looks at the effect of these medication levels on the fresh water animals, daphnia. 

Biology Chemistry
Physics Mathematics
Environmental Science Astronomy
Meteorology and Air Pollution Science Medicine and Biosciences
  • Smokestack pollution!
  • Greenhouse Atmosphere

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