Biomedical Science 2007

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Day 1
Today was the first day of the biomedical science workshop at Shodor. Many of the students had been in the morning workshop and had lunch as a group, so they entered the classroom at the same time and went to their computers. Sam started them off with a game to help people introduce themselves. In this game, each student took a name-tag that wasn't their's and wandered around the room looking for the person that corresponded to the name-tag they were carrying. Everyone sat down again and Jeff talked to the class about chemistry in living creatures to introduce today's lesson plan.
Jason's lesson was more hard-core chemistry than Jeff's. He showed the class basic chemical notation for different types of molecules. The class copied all the molecules he drew onto sheets of paper. They then logged onto the computational chemistry server and made a molecule online. About half of the students had already done this in the morning, so the exercise went quickly. The students were then handed cups of skittles. They went out to wash their hands before handling the skittles. When they came back, Sam explained how to make molecule models with the different colored skittles and toothpicks.
The students ate their skittles during break. The students were very suspicious of people who might steal their skittles, and many students continued to make accusations after break. The final molecule type built in today's workshop was the human molecule. Everyone went out to the plaza where they split into two groups and made two molecules. The human molecules didn't really look like molecules from a distance, but it was a fun experience for the students.

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