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Saturday Explorations in Science and Math

This is a series of five 3-hour workshops designed to introduce middle school students to a wide variety of sciences through experimentation, scientific research, and data collection. Students will use several different methods of investigation to compile and compare research data using graphs, spreadsheets, and a variety of computational modeling software. As a part of the scientific process, students will also learn to communicate their observations and findings to their peers and other members of the scientific community.

The workshop will involve structured hands-on labs and activities and the opportunity to work collaboratively with other students on small projects. Careful observations and reporting of those observations will be emphasized at all times.

The Saturday Explorations workshops serve as an introduction to the more discipline specific SUCCEED summer workshops, and may include sample content from SUCCEED workshops such as Math Explorations, Modeling Your World, Internet Science Explorations, and Engineers in Training, as well as future workshops currently in design.

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