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Alton had the class discuss what they had done yesterday as a review, and then moved on to today's first topic: bookmarking. The first question, of course, was "What is bookmarking, and why is it important?" Many of the students already knew, and they began answering. It soon became apparent to the other students that bookmarking was basically making a shortcut to a webpage, and that it was faster and easier to remember than an actual URL. The students then learned how to bookmark by going to a few sites in Netscape marking them.

Next, the students went outside to learn about Venn diagrams, and how they apply to internet searches. From this they found out that you have to be very specific in your searches, and know precisely what you want, in order to narrow down your search. The following portion of the class was all about different kinds of search engines, and how they worked.

Anne began the final segment of the class by holding a discussion on why people believe what they do. They discovered that much of what they believe is due simply to common sense and instinct, which may not always be correct. One of the demonstrations of this was the Heaven's Gate website, which at first glance appears professional, but the students, who were no longer impressed by big graphics picked up immediately on the fact that the site was a fanatic group's page trying to sell a book.

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