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Molecular/Cell Biology
On October 14th, 1999 over 350 8th grade students from Harnett Central Middle School came to Campbell University to participate in the 2nd Annual 8th Grade Career Fair. They were welcomed by Dr. George Waterhouse from Serentec, Inc., who gave a motivational speech about how these students might change their world.

After the welcome the students broke up into groups and visited the exhibitor's hall or went to the Leslie Campbell Hall of Science to start the first of three laboratory experiences that they would complete in biology, chemistry and pharmaceutics.

Participating Organizations: EPA, Bespak, Inc., LipoMed, Inc., NIEHS, Marconi Aerospace, Campbell University, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, CVS, Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital, North Carolina State University, the FAA, Lillington Family Medical, and Waters Co.

In the lab these students ran kinetic experiments, made a mineral oil emulsion, measured caffeine in soft drinks and isolated DNA. In the exhibitor's hall students visited booths from businesses and companies.
At the Glaxo-Wellcome booth students could view heart tissue through a microscope or make a polymer by mixing two solutions. The Lillington Veterinary Clinic brought heart worms and dog bones. Eckerd Corporation had a display on becoming a pharmacist. Charles River Laboratories brought several types of animals for the students to examine. The Harnett County Forest Rangers brought a fire plow that had to be housed outside on an eighteen wheel truck!
The Vice President of Science & Technology at Touch Scientific came himself and had a centrifuge that students could run. Many types of jobs were represented. We had engineers, human resource people, professors, librarians, production supervisors, recruiters, researchers, doctors and graduate students. The 8th graders were also give a tour of the Campbell University Campus and treated to lunch in the student dining hall. All in all, it was a great experience for students and professionals.

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