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Java Applets

The goal of the Java programming language is "write once, run everywhere". Java was developed to be a robust object oriented programming language that would run on a variety of different types of computers.

If you have ever been frustrated that the same program that runs on a Macintosh at work or school does not run on your PC at home, you have run into the problem that Java was designed to solve. Java runs on Macs, Windows, and Unix. It also runs on many other devices, such as handhelds and embedded devices that control your car, your household thermostat, or your telephone.

Applets are small Java programs designed to run inside of a web browser. The Java programming language has built-in features for design of Graphical User Interfaces. The combination of a standard language for designing interfaces with the ability to run on browsers on many different types of computers has led to the widespread use of Java Applets as a way of providing interactive web content.

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